Guangzhou (a.k.a. Canton)

Guangzhou, usually known as Canton, is just over the Chinese border from Hong Kong and sits at the mouth of the Pearl River. With a history of 2,200 years, Guangzhou is regarded as the earliest among the international trade port cities in the world. It is the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea which links China with the Arabian and western countries in trading; and was China's only foreign trade port at sea before the Qing dynasty.

The Chen ancestral home

Roof carvings at the Chen ancestral home, Guangzhou Roof carvings at the Chen ancestral home, Guangzhou

The Chen Ancestral Home is the largest, best preserved, and best decorated ancient architecture existing in Guangdong province. Inside the building (and all over it!), historical figures, legends, and scenes are represented in many art forms, including wood carving, brick carving, pottery carving, stone carving, lime carving, clay sculpture, ash sculpture, brass and cast iron.

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The temple of the 6 banyan trees

Seated Buddhas at the temple of the 6 banyan trees - Guangzhou

The 3 seated Buddha's (from left to right: Amitabha, Sakyamuni, Maitreya) at the 6 Banyan Tree Temple are the largest indoor brass Buddha's in Guangdong Province. These Buddha's represent the past, present and future Buddha's.

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Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park

In Yuexiu Park a sculpture depicts the legend of the Gods coming down to Guangzhou and teaching the people how to cultivate rice, thus ensuring their continued wellbeing.

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Just for fun

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