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As part of our weekly group meetings, and for a bit of fun, the group would choose a Word of the Week at the end of each meeting and I would research that word and its meaning and post an entry on the website. While this practice has since been abandoned, the entries are archived here for your enjoyment!

In addition to english words we also chose a Scots word of the week. Visit the Scot's Word of the Week Archive for more...

Links to archive pages:

  • Archive page 1
    contains schnoz, inhumation, cognisance, affectation, agog, tessellate, yelp, inexorable, canonical, indomitable, portentous, maladroit, obtuse, sesquipedalian.

  • Archive page 2
    contains valetudinarianism, lionise, decimate, purfling, parolee, ziggurat, eurhythmy, sequester, buskin, erk, pixilated.

  • Archive page 3
    contains quondam, mens sana, tushery, spargefaction, hiatus, posology.

  • Archive page 4
    contains platitudinous, fulguration, merry christmas!, snood, ineluctable, cynosure, pandiculate.

  • Archive page 5
    contains sedulousness, diatessaron, sigillography, sinciput, diaphanous, ostracise.

  • Archive page 6
    contains extroitive, inchoate, cozenage, apotropaeic, irascible, cession, schadenfreude.

  • Archive page 7
    contains fubsy, accolade & degradation, metempsychosis, without, curmudgeon, plerophory, minatory, galoot, expurgate, gambade, eidetic, ichthyology.

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