Prof. Alan H. Greenaway

Prof. Alan GreenawayOn these pages you will find downloadable versions of presentations Alan has given at conferences whilst with the HW WAF group. Also, where copyright allows, you will be able to obtain PDF versions of Alan's papers from this page. You can request a copy of any of these publications using our publication request form.

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Books, Magazine Articles, Patents and Independent Articles

A. Greenaway, Adaptive Optics: Astronomy and Beyond, Optics & Photonics News 17, 22-27 (2006)

Greenaway A.H, Faichnie D, et al., Method and apparatus for analysing thin films, British Patent Application Number : 0419772.9. In the name of Scalar Technologies Limited.

Greenaway, A.H. and J.G. Burnett, Industrial and Medical Applications of Adaptive Optics, Technology Tracking, ed. J. McEntee. 2004: IoP Publishing.

H.I.Campbell, A.H.Greenaway, S.Restaino, Compact Wavefront Sensing, published in 'Smartmoves' the newsletter for the Smart Optics Faraday Partnership, issue No. 3 August 2003. PDF

Woods, S.C., et al., Wavefront sensing, 2003, QinetiQ: PCT.

Welch, S., et al., Smart optics in astronomy and space, Astronomy & Geophysics, 2003. 44(1): p. 26-29.

Greenaway, A.H., Optical Control Elements, Handbook of Laser Technology, ed. C. Webb and J.D.C. Jones. Vol. 3. 2003: IoP Publishing. 1183-1192.

Greenaway, A.H., H.I. Campbell, and S. Zhang, Wavefront sensor. 2003,
Heriot-Watt: PCT.

Greenaway, A.H., Optical interferometry - from ground to space, in Catching the Perfect Wave: Adaptive Optics and Interferometry in the 21st Century. 1999. p. 211-225.

Blanchard, P.M. and A.H. Greenaway, Three-dimensional imaging system, 1999, DERA: PCT.

Blanchard, P.M. and A.H. Greenaway, Imaging system, 1999, DERA: UK.

Greenaway, A.H., et al., Optical fibre bend sensor, 1998, DERA.

Greenaway, A.H. and P.M. Blanchard, 3-d imaging system, 1998, DERA.

Burkes, T.A., et al., Multi-core optical fibre, 1998, DERA.

Blanchard, P.M. and A.H. Greenaway, Improved three-dimensional imaging system, 1998, DERA.

Dickson, R., A.H. Greenaway, and P. Harrison, Variable Optical System, 1997, DERA.

Luke, D.G., et al., Sensor system. 1996, DERA.

McBride, R., et al., Sensor system for measurement of temperature and strain, 1993, DERA.

Greenaway, A.H., Interferometer, 1986, DERA: UK.

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